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B-780 Gas Detection System for Comb Gas (Commercial Use)


B-780 Gas Detection System for Comb Gas (Commercial Use)

The B-780 is simple and reliable three-point gas alarm system for basic gas Flammable gas detection applications. The panel is a simplified design with audible and visual alarms while the gas detectors come in various versions – indoor, outdoor (weather-proof) and explosion-proof (for classified zones).

This B-780 works with three detector models suitable for different applications. The alarm unit is wall-mounted and easy to install. It is compact and lightweight and there are three types of external outputs, which can be output to an external alarm device, emergency shutoff interlocking system etc.

Technical Data

  • Gas Detected: LPG or Natural Gas
  • Dimensions (in mm): W138 X H180 X D33mm (Excluding protrusions)
  • External Output:
    • 2-stage voltage (DC6V-during monitoring, DC12V during alarm, DC0V during error)
    • AC100V to AC220V during alarm, 1A max output (output delay time is approx. 35 sec which can be changed to zero (no delay) by DIP switch setting)
  • Optional Accessories:
    • Rainproof cover
    • Rainproof cap
    • Wood screws
    • Screw expansion plugs
    • Crimp terminals