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Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Systems for Safer Operations


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Solutions to monitor your water consumption remotely


Personal Gas Safety at Work
Personal and Portable Gas detectors protect your most valuable assets
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Welcome to Minerva

With our product, application and engineering expertise, we offer solutions to detect, measure and monitor parameters that help our customers make the right decisions for themselves, their stakeholders and the environment. We partner the best in the business to deliver the right solutions and have the capability to customize and develop systems to meet unique requirements.


SDM-72 Portable Steel Dust In Grease Meter

Easily measure and monitor the wear conditions of bearings, gears etc.
XA-4000II for combustible gas, O2, CO & H2S

XA-4000II for Combustible Gas, O2, CO & H2S

Handheld with options for clips, belts and more …
Semiconductor Specialty Gas

XPS-7II for Semiconductor / Specialty Gas

The XPS-711 detector is compact and lightweight, designed for industries using the wide range of industrial …
XP-3318II for combustible gas in LEL and O2

XP-3310II for Combustible Gas (in %LEL)

The compact and light weight XP-331011 detectors are design to display gas concentrations of flammable …
PD-12 Ex-proof Suction Type

PD-12 Ex-proof Suction Type

PD-12 Series offers suction type detectors with integrated readout display. They are lightweight units …
PS-7 fixed gas detector

PS-7 Fixed Gas Detector for Semiconductor / Specialty Gas

The PS-7 detector is compact and lightweight, designed for industries using the wide range of industrial …
KATflow 230

KATflow 230/Porable/10 to 6,500mm/24hr Battery/ 2CH

The KATflow 230 is easily portable but incorporates an advanced specification for situations which …

Products and Solutions

Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Minerva offers a wide range of gas detectors, gas monitors and flame detectors to help our customers protect life and property, improve living and working environments and optimise process applications
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Flow Metering

Flow Metering

MINERVA offers solutions ranging from mechanical and electronic flow meters, in-line and clamp-on flow meters to inspection systems for gas metering and pressure regulating stations. Flowmeter solutions are augmented by MINERVA's automated meter reading systems
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Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring

MINERVA offers practical solutions using the latest technologies in telemetry, M2M and IOT to optimize our clients operations, increase safety and reduce carbon footprint
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Specialty Application

Specialty Application

MINERVA offers complementary solutions in specialty applications that aid our customers to Protect, Optimize and Sustain their operations
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Our Clients

Engineering and Services


Application Development Preliminary / concept designs for project planning. Detailed engineering designs for project ...

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Moisture / particulate removal, pressure/flow regulation and cooling. Protects analyzer equipment from damage due to "raw" sample conditions.

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Centralized equipment status and alarm monitoring Centralized system power supply with power back-up options Interface with building management systems ..

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MINERVA's project experience span across a wide range of industries and applications. Find out more about some of our completed projects here.

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Read the latest news from Minerva! from exhibitions to new product launches, keep up to date with our activities and offerings here. We constantly thrive being your preferred value-adding partner.

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