Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring


Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Gas detection, flame detection and environment monitoring relate directly to the protection and safety of life and property, improving living and working environments and controlling manufacturing processes. MINERVA offers a wide range of solutions to meet respective objectives.

Working with our strategic partner New Cosmos Electric of Japan for more than 30 years, MINERVA offers COSMOS personal gas detectors, portable gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems that are able to detect or monitor gas concentrations ranging from parts per billion (PPB) up to 100% Volume. These solutions are available in single or multi-gas configurations. Minerva also offers engineered customised gas detection systems to meet unique and demanding applications.

Typical applications for gas detection include:

  • Flammable gas leak detection by gas utility companies managing their gas distribution network
  • Oxygen deficiency monitoring in confined spaces such as tanks, manholes and underground access applications
  • Toxic gas detection for specialty chemicals in semiconductor manufacturing
  • Flammable or toxic gas leak detection in storage and manufacturing facilities
  • Flammable or toxic gas leak detection and oxygen deficiency monitoring for underground construction such as tunnel boring machines
  • Odour intensity monitoring for environmental and manufacturing processes

Types of gases:

  • Flammable Gases
  • Oxygen
  • Toxic Gases
  • Industry / Application specific Specialty Gases & Chemicals
  • Volatile Organic Compounds

Minerva Leading Gas Flow Meter Manufacturers

MINERVA also offers SPECTREX flame detectors manufactured to the highest standard using the latest technologies available in flame detection today. From UV (Ultra-violet) to IR3 (Triple Infrared Band), we offer flame detectors that meet flame detection requirements across various sectors from offshore platforms to shopping malls.

The quality of the instruments deployed is extremely important due to the potential human and commercial loss. Therefore, we persevere to only provide instruments from reputed manufacturers.

In addition to these offerings, MINERVA specialises in custom gas detection solutions tailored to specific industry needs, ensuring enhanced safety and compliance.

Product Range

Personal Gas Detectors

Ultra-portable gas detectors designed to protect individuals

Portable Gas Detectors

Handheld gas detectors with accessories for user-convenience and data management

Gas Detector Tubes

Economical solution for occasional gas sampling for a wide variety of gases

Semiconductor Manufacturing / Specialty Gas Detectors

Specialty gas detectors for semiconductor, photovoltaic and electronics manufacturing

Fixed Gas Detector Transmitters

Handheld gas detectors with accessories for user-convenience and data management

Open Path Gas Detectors

Optical line of sight gas detectors that monitor spans of up to 200m in length

Environment Monitors

Oxygen Monitor

Monitors for oxygen deficiency and harmful gases in the ambient environment

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Economical solution for occasional gas sampling for a wide variety of gases

Custom Gas Detection Solutions

Custom-engineered gas detection systems designed to meet specific safety needs.

Flame Detectors

Optical flame detectors capable of detecting a flame source up to 90m away