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Smart Water Meter System


Smart Water Meter System

Minerva supplies and installs smart water meter systems which replace the traditional manual method of recording water meter readings. Our smart water meter system increases productivity and provides real-time data to property owners to enable them to monitor and manage water consumption across their estates and also seamlessly collate data for utilities billing management of multi-tenant buildings. Such data also provides the added capability of water conservation by detecting leaks from identifying abnormal consumption patterns.

Smart water meter systems are aligned with the Singapore government’s digital Smart Nation initiative which supports energy and water conservation efforts. Singapore government entities such as the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and Housing Development Board (HDB) have taken significant steps towards this direction.

We offer a wireless smart water meter system which have the following features / benefits:

Our smart water meter systems comprises a fixed network Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The smart water meter’s AMI collects meter data and sends the data via cellular networks to to a hosted server. User interface software interfaces with the server to enable property managers to view meter readings, generate reports and analyse water consumption data.

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