Gas & Flame Detection

Custom Gas Detection Solutions


custom gas detection solutions

Custom Gas Detection Solutions

Minerva has many years of experience in engineering design and project delivery of customized gas detection systems. We work with customers at the preliminary stage to understand, identify and develop application requirements which then allow us to design customized solutions to meet these requirements.

Key components:

  • Control panels and alarm systems
  • Gas sampling and conditioning equipment
  • Local HMI software interface for on-site monitoring
  • Cloud software for remote monitoring
  • Wireless signal transmission for remote / vast systems
  • Solar powered system for remote locations
  • Mobile gas detector systems

Control panels and alarm systems

  • Centralized equipment status and alarm monitoring,
  • Centralized system power supply with power back-up options
  • Interlock with auxiliary alarm equipment, devices and panels (fire alarm, scrubber etc)
  • SMS Alert function

Gas sampling and conditioning systems

  • Protect gas detector equipment from damage due to “raw” sample conditions
  • Sample moisture and particulate removal
  • Sample line pressure/flow regulation and cooling
  • Ensures reliable and repeatable measurement results from the as detectors

Local and Cloud HMI Interface

Custom graphics and interface design to meet user’s needs, alarm indication and logging. Cloud monitoring software for remote access to data, SMS / Email alert feature.

Wireless signal transmission systems