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Fixed Gas Detection Systems


Fixed Gas Detection Systems

MINERVA offers COSMOS gas detectors from New Cosmos Electric, a reputable gas detector and alarm systems manufacturer from Japan. COSMOS portable gas detectors are equipped with precision sensor/s manufactured by New Cosmos Electric. These sensors are designed to detect gas leaks with the shortest response time and the gas detectors display the gas concentration detected with high accuracy and accompanied by visual and audible alarms to alert the user.

We offer fixed / stationary type gas detectors and alarm systems for continuous monitoring of gas leaks. Our wide range of fixed type gas detectors on offer ensures a solution to every application, ranging from low-cost residential detectors to heavy-duty industrial type gas alarm systems. Options are available for diffusion type gas detectors, suction / extractive (with in-built sampling pump) type gas detectors and open-path gas detectors to fit any installation condition and requirements.

We offer gas detection alarm systems for the following gas types / groups:

  • Flammable Combustible Gases
  • Oxygen
  • Toxic Gases
  • Specialty Gases & Chemicals and Solvent Vapours
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Inert gases

We also offer customized gas sampling panels for processes which require gas sample conditioning and customized gas alarm panels and alarm systems. Our skilled engineering team takes care of your gas detection needs from start to finish:

  • Preliminary / concept designs and proposals for project planning
  • Detailed engineering designs and proposals for project implementation
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of gas detectors and alarm systems
  • Regular maintenance and after-sales support

The fixed gas detection systems offered comprise of gas detectors which are separated from the gas reading display controllers. Such a configuration is required where the gas detector locations are not easily accessible for monitoring of gas detector readings or where multi-detector points are required to be monitored from a central location.

The gas reading display controllers are wired to the gas detectors and supply power to the gas detectors and received signal communication from them. Upstream signal communication to the user’s central monitoring systems (such as PLCs, BMS, DCS or SCADA systems) is via the display controllers.

The fixed gas detector systems offered are either single point systems (NV-120 series) or multi-point systems (B-780, NV, UV). The B-780 series is an economical system for flammable gas detection is kitchens or other commercial applications. The NV system is designed for single gas type monitoring while the UV system is the most scalable and designed for multi-gas type monitoring for a small or large number of gas detectors.

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